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        • Name: Light Stabilizer Lksorb C8481
        • NO.: 14516-71-3,1843-05-6
        • Added time: 2016-03-30
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        [Chemical Name]

        UV-1084: 2, 2’-Thiobis(4-tert-octylphe-nolato) -n-butylamine Nickel()

        UV-531: 2-Hydroxy-4-octyloxybenzophenone






        [CAS No] 14516-71-3 &1843-05-6


        Appearance: Yellow-green granular form

        UV-1084: UV-531=1:1or 2:1

        [Characteristics And Usage]

        It is a nickel-based UV stabilizer system in a dust-free granular form, which increases work place cleanliness and safety by avoiding nickel dust during the production process.

        [Packing] Generally 25kgs/ctn, 1125kgs/pallet, 10 pallets in a 20GP container or 500kgs/big bag, 2 big bags/pallet, 10 pallets in a 20GP container.

        [Application] Mainly used in the field of PE&PP film and tape