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        • Name: Light Stabilizer Lksorb UV-1084
        • NO.: 14516-71-3
        • Added time: 2016-03-30
        • Views : 1486

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        [Equivalent]Light Stabilizer UV-1084
        [Chemical Name] 2,2'-Thiobios(4-tert-octylphe-nolato)-n-butylamine Nickel(Ⅱ)



        [Molecular Formula] C32H51O2NNiS
        [Molecular Weight] 572
        [CAS No] 14516-71-3


        Appearance:light green powder
        Loss on Drying (%):0.8max
        Solubility in Toluene:OK

        [Annual Output]500MT
        [Product Standard]Q/HX10431.64-2016
        1  Performance synergetic with other stabilizers, especially with UV absorbers;
        2  Excellent compatibility with polyolefins;
        3  Superior stabilization in polyethylene agricultural film and polypropylene turf applications;
        4  Pesticide and acid resistant with good UV protection.
        [Application]Recommended for PE and PP agricultural film, tape
        [Packing] Neutral packing, net 20kg/ paper box or 500KGS/big bag or accoring to customers' requirement